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if you are looking to have top quality Urdu to Arabic Translation in Dubai and vice versa, Al Syed is the name of a specialist team that delivers translation projects within the prescribed period and is absolutely reliable about its privacy and security.

Al Syed Translation is a renowned and trustworthy translation company in Dubai that provides you high-quality translations in more than 100 languages, including English, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, French, Persian, and more.Urdu to Arabic Translation in Dubai


With Al Syed, you will get 100 percent human Urdu translation services in Dubai, which is #1 legal translation Services Company in Dubai with years of experience and expertise. Our team of experienced and highly qualified Urdu translators and interpreters will help you convey your message successfully to the Urdu speaking audience.

With us, you will get instant, accurate, and practical Urdu to English and Arabic translations for any type of content which carries the essence of the original article accurately.

You want to submit your Urdu Nikah Nama, diplomas, books,  presentations, marriage certificate,  legal documents, educational certificates or any other documents translation for courts, immigration, companies, and embassies in UAE

you can contact us for best Urdu translation in Dubai as per the below Urdu language services.

  • Urdu to Arabic Translation

  • Urdu to English Translation

  • English to Urdu Translation

  • Arabic to Urdu Translation

We Ensure that;

  • Accredited Legal Translation services

  • Technical Translation

  • Commercial Translation

  • Website Translation & localization

  • Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

  • Media Translation Service

  • Food and Beverage Translation

  • Technical Documents Translation Service

You get your Urdu documents translation in Dubai done at a reasonable price with no hidden or extra charges.

Get fast and highly efficient Urdu translation from skilled translators

Get 100% accurate and certified translations for a wide variety of industries

Our company is aware of all the conventional authentication chains and is in touch with the relevant institutions, both in the UAE and in the country of origin. Al Syed legal Translation services are supported by all major departments in the UAE and Dubai. Below are a few examples;

Widely Accepted Translation Services

  • Sharia Court

  • All Free Zone in the UAE

  • Dubai courts

  • Ministry of Education

  • Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

  • Dubai Media Corporation

  • Dubai Municipality (DM) – public parks, Dubai coastline.

  • Dubai Public Prosecution

  • Dubai Trade

  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs- Dubai

  • Dubai Economic Council (DEC)

  • Dubai Customs

  • So, next time you are seeking Urdu to Arabic translation in Dubai, you know Al Syed legal Translation is the place to turn because out Certified Translators will translate any Legal Document into any Language and is known to provide top-notch solutions in Urdu to Arabic translation in Dubai and Urdu to English translation in Dubai.

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