A typesetting service is essential if you need a magazine, brochure or simply a poster in different languages.

To ensure our clients to receive the best possible typesetting service,  Translation in Dubai  employ qualified typesetters who are capable of presenting documents in both hard copy and electronic format, which respects the appropriate aesthetic standards for your target audience.

High quality typesetting requires our native typesetters to know which fonts to use, where to break the lines and whether the language is written from right to left. The style and tone of the content used for the typesetting are also highly tailored, targeted and localized.

Typesetting content for different countries calls upon a variety of skills. It is much more than just translating the words. Good typesetting is making sure the words used are relevant and appropriate and must also take into consideration the history and culture of the area. When marketing abroad, presentation is so important because customers are so quick to make up their mind.

Typesetting has come a long way. It was originally done by hand in a printing press and was an extremely lengthy and complicated operation. However in the digital age typesetting is hugely widespread in business.
Typesetting for international business is now considered a must and combining modern technology with our typesetters native and local knowledge ensures your message gets across.

Translating Directly into Your Design

We pride ourselves in being able to work with any type of file format. So if you have a brochure designed in QuarkXpress, an exhibition stand in Adobe InDesign, a presentation in PowerPoint of a Flash animation for a demonstration your translation will be delivered in the exact format you need.

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