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When selecting a service of Turkmen to Arabic translation in Dubai, a most important question to ask yourself is whether you need material translated for localization or internationalization.

Localization is the procedure of translating the documents for use in a particular market. The text will have all the components to meet the cultural and language needs of the specific country.

Internationalization is the preparation of documents for use all over the world. Translating a text that is both culturally and linguistically adapted is not an easy task. But when the idea of internationalizing the material is present since the construction of the product, the translator can work more quickly.

Understand the elements

Here are some of the things that may be impacted by this choice:

  • Formatting: Date and time stamping is not universal. The decision on where to place periods, commas and symbols always depends on the audience the document is intended for. Also, if the text is academic, formatting will require much larger adaptations depending on the institution or journal to which you intend to submit your work.

  • Symbols and abbreviations: In these cases, there is no universality either. They may acquire various meanings depending on the culture in which they are inserted.

  • Gender: English has no gender for almost any noun. Spanish and French have a genre for all words. The Japanese language, on the other hand, has gender and special rules to differentiate adults and children.

  • Symbolisms: Elements accepted by one culture may have no meaning in others, or worse, may sound offensive. The stork, for example, for many cultures, it would be responsible for the emergence of babies, but in Japan this association would make no sense. The symbolism of colors also changes in cultures. White, for example, is not always associated with purity or peace.

  • Legal requirements: These involve a number of concerns such as “Who should sign the document?”, “Where to put the signatures?”, “Is there a need for witnesses?”,

    “Who can testify?”

    If the text is a document, these requirements will be essential for Turkmen to English translation.

The Importance of defining text destination

If the document is for a specific audience only, direct translation will be relatively lowest in price and most efficient way to prepare it. But if it needs to be translated into 5, 10 or even 30 different languages, you will need to define a new work strategy.

When hiring the best translation company in Dubai, it is significant to be aware of the number of languages required for your project. If you just need Turkmen to Arabic legal translation in Dubai in one or two languages, it is best to look for the direct translation. But, if you need the translation it into many languages, even if they are from the same family, internationalization is the best option. Considering these aspects simplifies work and can save time.

ASLT Group is a No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai. It is the best for Turkmen to Arabic translation in Dubai for both localization and internationalization. Our services of Turkmen to Arabic legal translation in Dubai are approved by all UAE courts, embassies and main government departments. Currently, we are offering the services of Turkmen to Arabic translation in Dubai to Department of Economic Development, Department of Finance UAE and Department of Health.

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