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Translation in Dubai is proud to introduce itself in providing all types of translations (more than 500+ fields of expertise)  with 100% guarantee of accurate and perfect translation. We’re the largest team of highly-specialized translators, who ensure production of high-quality and professional translation in accordance with their know-how and skills.Professional Translation Services

Why should you choose Legal, medical, technical & other specialized translators for implementing all types of translations?

If you just know a language which is not quiet enough for your specialized knowledge on the language unless you don’t obtain degrees and gain enough experience in your specific fields, we may be fully confident on our mother language but we cannot say that we are 100% perfect and have complete knowledge about it, because we use only simple wordings in our common life.

If you just know a foreign language it’s not considered to be acceptable without having specialized language degrees and experience in their specific fields. It’s a matter of fact that a text must be understood before it is subject to be translated.
Translators, translate from a foreign language into their mother tongue. In other words, a translator should ideally be a native speaker of the language he/she is translating into. Somebody may possess excellent bi-lingual skills, but hiring his/her as a translator is a sure-fire recipe for disaster in translation, unless he/she is also an expert in his/her field.

In consideration thereof, you can see some of our specialized categories stated here-under:

  • Legal Translation (Law, Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Contracts, Taxation, Customs)

  • Certificates, Diplomas, CVs, Licenses etc…

  • Medical Translation

  • Technical Translation

  • Accounting/Finance

  • Travel Tourism

  • Marketing

  • Science/Technology

  • Engineering

  • Agricultural

  • Aviation/Aerospace

  • Construction

  • Media/Advertising

  • Education

  • Food/Dairy

  • Real Estate

  • Telecommunications

  • Automotive (Cars/Trucks)

  • Human Resources

  • IT-Information Technology

  • Investments/Securities

  • Govermnet/Politics

  • Printing/Publishing

  • Religion

  • Children Books

  • Website translation

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