Video transcription and captioning services rendered by ASLT professionals.

Professional transcription service with state of the art technology to insert transcript synchronized captioning for DVDs,Videotapes, Webcasts, Podcasts or Streaming Media.

ASLT ( Translation in Dubai ) is recognized as one of the best service provider in the field of transcriptions of all types of audio & video content, beside this we also offer our services for transcript synchronization and captioning of audio or video content.We provide these services for DVDs, Videotapes, Webcasts, Podcasts or Streaming Media. It is no longer necessary for media companies to spend their valuable time on transcribing the audio of their productions any more; our experts will take care of transcribing the audio/video and in addition use a state-of-the-art equipment to insert captions to the content.

We offer these services to major television networks, independent producers, educational organizations and multimedia companies who find our services very professional as is stated in the following testimonial;

ASLT entrusts all transcription assignments to Transcription Stars, the transcripts done by us are time-stamped and accurate, and this is a basic requirement for adding captions and sub-titles to the videos, we never let-down our client in transcription services or when it comes to rush assignments, we deliver what is promised.”

ASLT has made it possible to provide cost saving transcriptions and captioning services to vast sections of the industry, media companies no longer have to use the traditional captioning methods which, apart from being time consuming are expensive. You can easily submit and receive the audio/video content in any format, and in the process save valuable time and shipping costs.

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