Are Confidentiality, secure file upload and accuracy issues worrying you? Relax, we assure you all of that and more.Legal Transcription

Worried to honor deadlines for documenting courtroom proceedings?

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Legal transcription services is a specialized field, where a word here and a sentence there, can change the text of the document. ASLT ( Translation in Dubai )  team of legal transcription service providers are trained and tested in legal terminology.

We offer our services in diverse fields, such as Matrimonial, Commercial and Domestic Conveyance, Litigation, Children/Local Authority, Medical Negligence/Personal Injury, Social Housing, Immigration, Tax & Trust and Probate, Parliamentary, Debt Collection, Local Government. Using our specialized machine, we can also time code your transcripts.

✔Legal-medico report transcriptions ✔Minutes transcription ✔Land Registry application ✔Instructions to Counsel ✔Affidavits ✔Court proceeding transcription ✔Draftsman Bills ✔Witness Statement transcription ✔Advice transcription ✔Bankruptcies ✔Disciplinary hearings ✔Leases ✔Particulars of Claim ✔Adjudication panel hearings ✔Wills ✔Probate Forms ✔Contracts ✔Land Registry application ✔PACE tapes

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