What is Audio Transcription?

Audio Transcription refers to the conversion of recorded audio files into text. It may include the transcription of digital audio formats like mp3, wav, au etc. or Audio Transcriptionnon-digital formats like VHS, micro cassettes, standard tapes etc. While the term audio transcription is extremely general, the industry defines it as the transcription of any audio excluding medical dictations/recordings.

ASLT ( Translation in Dubai ) comes with quality guarantee, derived from years of experience and the backing of proven expertise. Our services stand out from the crowd due to the following primary reasons:

  • Quality as trusted by our prestigious clientele
  • Customized turnaround time packages
  • Your transcription project will be handled only by experienced transcriptions
  • Data-security guaranteed
  • Experience in transcribing for diverse sectors

Audio transcription is an extremely general term that encompasses a host of other categories like digital audio transcription or non-digital/analog audio transcription and also recording types like conferences, interviews, meetings, dictations etc.

We have handled almost all the different paradigms that come under audio transcription.

Here is a short list of the kinds of recordings we have transcribed for:

✔ Business meetings ✔Conferences ✔Seminars ✔Interviews ✔Focus groups ✔Group Discussions ✔Podcasts ✔Radio shows etc.

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