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Al Syed, as the no. 1 legal translation company in Dubai, provides accurate legal document without omitting the legal terminologies. Some expats still find it challenging to write and speaks the Arabic language leading to confusions and further problems. Some immigrants get sick, need to obtain medical services, and have to change or update immigrant status. The good news is that we provide translations of different languages including the Thai to Arabic translation in Dubai.

Thai immigrants finally have a place to go to with their translation concerns. If you are one of them, we are happy to inform you that our department and government agency accept our legal translations. These departments include the Department of Health and Medical Services and Dubai Health Authority.

While living in Dubai, some unexpected events happen. If emergencies or medical concerns take place, you need a valid document to receive help from the Dubai or UAE government by presenting them legal papers.

Thais in Dubai

In the year 2006, the total Thai workers in Dubai alone are 3,500 in total. Legal documents from respective embassies and Dubai Government Human Resource Department need translations to assist with your concerns and respect your rights in the country.

It will also help you to grasp the rules and regulations inside the country you are living in, to avoid breaking the law and receiving penalties from wrongdoing.
The Thai language has an alphabet, and that’s what makes it easier than Chinese. It has similar structure in English, which is the Subject-Verb-Object agreement. However, it doesn’t have grammatical gender, and they often create reduplicated nouns to form collectives. Our translators are adept with these grammar rules at translating Thai to Arabic language.

Our Service

Our company did not gain the no. 1 legal translation company title in Dubai for nothing. We also work on Thai to English and Arabic to Thai language translation. Our goal/services is to provide an accurate output of legal documents to present to higher authorities. We all know the importance of these legal papers. It will help you to earn more freedom in Dubai or the UAE, especially if you are working or having trouble learning the Arabic language.

We promise not to omit or add irrelevant details to the documents provided. Our team does the works carefully to prevent further problems in your end.

Our Dedications to Our Works

Providing low-quality and inaccurate translation can make or break you, especially if it something you need to present at the court. That is the main reason why we take our job seriously. Our responsibility in the Thai legal translation company is to assist with your legal document concerns to bring you peace of mind.

Why choose us?

We are dedicated and career-driven individuals that provide high-quality output. We have the approval of UAE Courts, Ministries, and Embassies, making us continue a job well done.

Our company serves the best Thai to Arabic translation in Dubai amidst hundreds of competitors in the country. You can always contact us if you have queries about our services, and we will assist you at any time of the day.

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