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When hiring a service of Slovak to Arabic translation in Dubai, there are a number of issues you need to worry about. Preferably research if translators have at ASLT Group, a No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai:

  • Fluency in Slovak and Arabic languages;

  • Cultural fluency in both countries (from the initial language and the language to which the material will be translated).

  • Experience or training in the area of text knowledge.

In general, the third item is usually the hardest to reach. For example, does your contract is written in Slovak that needs to be translated into Arabic? The all translators at our Slovak legal translation company in Dubai understand the legislation of both countries and have the other fluency levels.

There are three main types of experience a trader can have: academic, experimental, and performance-based. Although they may be given different denominations, the attributes are often the same:

  • Academic: The all translators at ASLT Group, the best translation company in Dubai, with academic experience have an in-depth view of the area of knowledge. Not only they have the ability to understand technical terms correctly, but they also know the norms and “ceremonies” of documents in this field.

  • Experimental: Our translators have worked in the field and therefore have sufficient experience to perform a good Slovak to Arabic legal translation in Dubai. Our translation professionals are retired specialists who work sporadically as translators, proofreaders, or technical advisors.

  • Performance: The main advantage of the Slovak to English translation professionals at ASLT Group is that they have up-to-date information on procedures, vocabulary and regulation. This is not to say that they are not aware of the current aspects of the market. Our performing translators do a little more to keep their career on the rise. In general, they also work sporadically as translators, either to improve knowledge or to earn extra income.

The risks of lack of expertise

  • Technical language: One of the first signs that the translation was not performed by an expert is the inconsistency in the use of technical language. By the Slovak to Arabic translation in Dubai with us, you will not have any risks of appearing unprofessional and or meaningless.

  • Abbreviation, acronyms and symbols: They are essential for the correct understanding of the message and the biggest risk is that they can gain new meanings depending on the field of study where they are used.

  • Procedures: Translation hardly considers one word at a time, which could lead to numerous inconsistencies. Instead, the translator parses the entire sentences, looking for equivalence in the target language, no matter how many modifications they need to make to maintain the meaning of the text.

With globalization, each area of knowledge has undergone profound changes. All translators at our Slovak legal translation company in Dubai are updated to properly handle these transformations and clients. They perform the accurate, understandable and appropriate translation for the area and the target audience.

Currently, we are serving a lot of clients such as Dubai Free Zone, Sharjah Free Zone and Ajman Free Zone.

Due to our approved Slovak to Arabic legal translation in Dubai, you can present your translation at courts, embassies and different government departments with confidence.

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