If you are looking for the best voice over artist with best vocal abilities in Dubai, then there is no better place than ASLT.

ASLT has been honored as the best voice artist company rendering Voice Over & Voice Dubbing services in the whole of Dubai and across the United Arab Voice dubbingEmirates. We have the voice talent artists who speak the voice of your product, commercials or any kind of documentary, incorporating the narrations that fit best according to the source material. It takes more than native speakers to effectively reach target speaking audiences. ASLT ( Translation in Dubai ) knows that each medium is a language in itself and strives to make it as simple as possible.

With a nationwide network of professional studios we offer Foreign Language Voice-Over &  Dubbing for all territories/regions with best quality output within your budget & time schedule. ASLT has the latest technology available and highly qualified staff for professionally dubbing films for the entertainment, educational and corporate industry. We can lip-synch your dubbing project into Indian, Asian & European languages. Our directors and actors, all native speakers, are assigned to each project according to the languages involved and as per their area of expertise. Our translation and cultural adaptation always takes into consideration the country and public it is destined to reach.

Team at ASLT is progressing with long-term experience in the provision of voice artist services including but not limited to TV commercials , TV productions, documentaries, Theater plays , corporate films, audio books, media, Travels & Tourism, Business Meetings, animations and entertainment industries. We have also provided voice over and dubbing services in TV programs including but not limited to Cartoons , Talk Shows , Movies , Fashion Shows and all types of documentaries.

We have performed 1000s of hours in voice artist services in more than 10 TV channels in the Middle East, Europe & Asian Countries. We can entertain your voice over & dubbing services with very beautiful voices or in accordance with the script or character of the content. Therefore, you we have perfectly suited voice talent artists for all your multimedia productions & great voice impressions.


Pivot makes music to suit a wide range of commercial media including advertising, television, films. Our creative team deliver exciting and memorable music for a broad range of clients in an artistic environment where project run smoothly and on time. Our separate dedicated division of voice artist and sound-recording technicians providing best quality Voice-over media for radio spots, voice-dubbing for animation.

Our database is stored with over 500 world’s top voice-over talent artists in more than 350 languages and continuously expanding our talent team after a careful examination by our top senior voice over artists, taken in-charge of rendering best voice-over & voice-dubbing services to more than 1000 companies across the globe.


Voice Over is a sound of a male or a female voice playing over the images of screen of a movie, TV show, commercials , documentaries etc… and such voices may or may not be relevant to the words, statement or information and can be seen in any part of the video. ASLT is providing variety of Voice-Over services including but not limited to the content related to TV commercials, audio recording, business presentations, educational and corporate videos, online advertisements, website content, e-learning courses etc…

We have the track record of 10+ years of experience in hand that can make your product or service sounds great. Send your inquiry right now for best professional voice over services with competitive price and quickest turnaround.


ASLT is not only known as a team of best voice over talent artists but also owns it’s own state-of-the-art voice recording studio facilities. We implement recording sessions with beautiful sounds on the background as well as crystal clear voice by the help of our soundproof studios and high-tech audio equipment.

We can deliver your job in a budget that you have set and maintaining the same standard of quality that corresponds to your company & this is only possible if you are hiring experienced in-house sound technicians, voice talent coordinators and best voice talent artists who will not only reduce the cost by minimizing the retakes by these experts but also help to offer you the best competitive price.

We provide voice artist services in the following categories (Including but not limited to):

–         Music & Audio recording

–         Dubbing (including translating and script writing)

–         Producing radio programs and commercials

–         Sound Design

–         Post-Production

–         Voice-over recording

–         Voice Over & Dubbing in any dialect

No one does voice over in Dubai like we do. This is because quality is at the helm of every recording task we undertake. ASLT boasts a team of qualified audio engineers that not only has the tools of trade but are also passionate about sound and acoustics. Voice over is beneficial to your marketing campaign hence your business. We also add voice over in other audiovisuals like commercials, documentaries and presentations as per the requirement of our clients. Voice over is the most convenient and most affordable way for spreading the message about your brand.ASLT voice over services are trailblazing in the whole of Dubai. We are distinguished by the impeccable recording quality because we invest in state-of-the-art recording software, equipment and personnel. Our studio features the best recording systems and workstations for multimedia, data conversion, multimedia transfer, multimedia retrieval and sound file processing. Through our undying efforts, competitive rates and qualified workforce, we have earned many a respectable clientele in the UAE and internationally for offering the best voice over in Dubai.For the best Voice Over in Dubai, contact us today!

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