ASLT ( Translation in Dubai ) is a complete DTP (Translation layouting and artwork in translated content) solution of your translated material intended to be published in more than one or more languages. We have discovered that in a global city like Dubai where more than 200 nationalities are living actively, belonging to different parts of the world and due to this very reason a need for translation & it’s layout has become a need of hour so that everyone could be brought under one platform.

For example you have a product launch & your product is translated only in English which means you are missing huge buyers finding great difficulties to understand and learn more about your product which will ultimately let such precious  buyers without knowing about the importance of your product , leaving your product partially introduced, sold & ultimately get limited popularity & market response. But translating your product in other languages is not only end of the mission, your product needs to be designed in other languages in a same way you have designed the source language and complete layout of the translated content should be reflection of your source file and this is where ASLT stands hand in hand in order to meet your requirements.

Therefore, a role of DTP (translation layout and artwork) is vital before the publication of your product so that all those nationalities could be gathered on one page & this is where you can call out to ASLT to fulfill your needs in the hands of most trusted partner like ASLT.

It will not only help your product launch in the best possible manner but also get your multiple tasks done by a single service provider from translation to DTP till printing and finally resulting your time management experience a valuable one , ultimately avoiding extraordinary efforts that can create complication between translation and layout process.

DTP is a process of creating your documents in other languages using the page layout skills. Desktop Publishing Software helps to generate the layouts & finally produce the text and images in the similar manner the source document has been created. After the translated files have been formatted and looks like the original, we send the DTP file to our end-client for their review and then we incorporate all changes & modifications in any part of the translated design as per the instructions of our client and this process remains in continuation until the final satisfaction of our client.

Translation Layouting & Formatting is not recommended to be carried out by a non-native speaker because a none-native DTP specialist can leave many important content locations unattended & undone including but not limited to the text within the paragraph, table or graphs & similarly a non-native design specialist will find hard to maintain the translated design in a same way as the source has been designed. Therefore, you are not only compromising design of the translated text in the hands of non-native speakers but also receiving your work done by them quite lately whereas a native speaker can prepare the format of your translated text quite earlier than the deadline set by him.

We are rendering translation formatting in all worldly languages and we have the native speakers cum DTP specialists for the provision of such services. Our translation layout specialists are not only masterfully skilled in the provision of best DTP services but also have great knowledge of translation and can rectify many areas in the translated content specifically numbers , locations and names and this helps a lot when it comes to final finishing of your translated text.

Your translated designed content should be carefully checked in all aspects as a huge amount is going to be invested in the printing of your brochures, flyers, menus, handbooks etc…

Therefore, we allocate the best possible resources for your file and we ensure that your layout content has been duly cross-checked by the senior reviewer cum translator.


A typesetting service is essential if you need a magazine, brochure or simply a poster in different languages. To ensure our clients receive the best possible typesetting service we employ qualified typesetters who are capable of presenting documents in both hard copy and electronic format, which respects the appropriate aesthetic standards for your target audience.

High quality typesetting requires our native typesetters to know which fonts to use, where to break the lines and whether the language is written from right to left. The style and tone of the content used for the typesetting are also highly tailored, targeted and localized.

Typesetting content for different countries calls upon a variety of skills. It is much more than just translating the words. Good typesetting is making sure the words used are relevant and appropriate and must also take into consideration the history and culture of the area. When marketing abroad, presentation is so important because customers are so quick to make up their mind.

Typesetting has come a long way. It was originally done by hand in a printing press and was an extremely lengthy and complicated operation. However in the digital age typesetting is hugely widespread in business. Typesetting for international business is now considered a must and combining modern technology with our typesetters native and local knowledge ensures your message gets across.

Translating Directly into Your Design:

We pride ourselves in being able to work with any type of file format. So if you have a brochure designed in QuarkXpress, an exhibition stand in Adobe InDesign, a presentation in PowerPoint of a Flash animation for a demonstration,  your translation will be delivered in the exact format you need.

Designing and Printing are the leading activities being handled by ASLT. We have specialized team of professional designers and printers. ASLT provides following types of Designing & Printing services.

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