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Dubai’s national language is Arabic, and all governmental and ministerial bodies of UAE use Arabic as a written language. Therefore, issues arise when people of different areas speaking different languages want to live or conduct business in Dubai.

So if you are planning on translating your documents from Pashto to Arabic and English and Arabic into Pashto and English and looking for the best translation company in Dubai that could efficiently translate your documents, then Al Syed legal Translation is where you turn.

Al Syed legal Translation is no. 1 legal translation company in Dubai that provides flexible language solutions that are data-driven and also technology-enabled to streamline and upturn the global businesses as well as help individuals in translating domestic documents.

Our company has been joining hands with business people to convey their messages in a different language so that they can expand their outreach, attract customer attention, engage with the audience, and ultimately raise their revenues.

Our Legal Pashto Translation Services

At Al Syed legal Translation, we provide professional translation services for more than 100 languages to individuals and businesses from a wide variety of niches. Our services include;

  • LEGAL Translation

  • FINANCIAL Translation

  • GENERAL Translation

  • ACADEMIC Translation

  • MEDICAL Translation

  • HOSPITALITY Translation

Our company offers certified legal Pashto translation services in Dubai for the following and many other legal documents.

  • Legal Translation for Birth Certificates

  • Legal Translation for Identification Cards

  • Legal Translation for School/ College/ University Certificates

  • Legal Translation for Divorce Certificates

  • Legal Translation for Driving Licenses

  • Legal Translation for Residence Permit

  • Legal Translation for Good Conduct Certificates

  • Legal Translation for Passports/ Lost Passport Certificates

  • Legal Translation for Power of Attorney

  • Legal Translation for Police Reports

  • Legal Translation for Criminal Clearance Records

  • Legal Translation for Death Certificates

Why you need certified and approved Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

If you are preparing to submit your documents in any government body of the UAE or Dubai, you will have to get your documents legally translated into the Arabic language. Al Syed legal Translation is no. 1 legal translation company in Dubai that is recognized by Dubai and all U.A.E ministries, directories, officials, courts, and academic universities and institutions. We can translate your Pashto documents including

  • Agreements & reports

  • Sales contracts

  • Trademarks & copyrights

  • Certificates & affidavits

  • Licenses & permits

  • Insurance policies

  • Judicial orders

  • Service terms

UAE departments and bodies that accept legal translation are;

  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs (LRA)

  • Dubai Civil Defence

  • Dubai Culture (Dubai Culture and Arts Authority)

  • Dubai Municipality

  • Dubai Economic Council (DEC)

  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)

  • Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC or EDC)

  • Dubai Government Human Resources Department

  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

  • Dubai Immigration and Naturalisation Department

  • Ministry of Education

  • Department of Finance UAE

  • Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing Dubai (DTCM)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Dubai Customs

So, next time you are looking for quality Pashto to Arabic translation in Dubai, Al Syed Legal Translation Services is where you head.

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