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The Nepalese community in Dubai is around 225,000. The former number of their population was 125,000 in 2008. What is the reason behind this increase in number? Most of these expats are working in hospitality, farming, security sectors, and construction. The need for Nepali to Arabic Translation in Dubai became rampant. Overall, they had great impact on Dubai and UAE economy.

Where can you find a trustworthy company with your legal translation concerns? Al Syed is the best legal translation company with hundreds, and thousands of clients appeared on the platform. The secret of our success is the professional’s dedication to their work while ensuring on-time delivery.

What are the departments we focused on?

The good news is that the legal authorities and government department approved us to serve the public with our proficient legal translations.

Since many Nepalese are workers in the country, they need documents to present in Labor departments. Dubai Government Human Resources Department accepts translated files from us. If you send a Nepali to Arabic legal translation, there would be a higher chance of getting hired than writing a job proposal in English. It also means you are happy to learn the language and use it.

In some cases, some expats need to show their files to civil court for filing civil lawsuits against another person. The government will take over if physical injury or other complaints happened. Before you send your claim, the translation must be understandable and clear. You need to look for a credible best legal translation in Dubai to do your works.

Don’t worry. All you have to do is to present your document to us, and we will process in translating your text fast without compromising the quality and value. We are unbiased individuals. We see through more than your case. We do not alter or change legal words or acknowledgments to the file you presented.

What are the documents you can send to us for Nepali to Arabic translation?

Some of these are…

  • Complaints

  • Legal Summons

  • Transcripts of trials

  • Financial files

  • Evidentiary files

Make sure to review your letter or document that it is accurate and correct, upholding the law in Dubai. You might need to present some of your personal information to make your report more relevant. We, as the Nepali legal translation company, use legal reference materials, including the legal codes and regulations of the country. We confirm that all the codes and nuances words are accurate and up to date.

How will you know if we are certified teams for Nepali to Arabic Translation in Dubai?

We continue standing as a group and excellent company because of the unfailing and professional works of our team. We are a certified group of translators accredited by the Ministry of Justice of UAE, International Courts, and more.

We are one of the largest legal translation company in Dubai and served 1000+ people from locals and foreigners. If you need a Nepali to Arabic Translation in Dubai, we are glad to serve you!

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