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In the United States, “pinto bean” is a very popular bean. But, this is an ingredient that you may hardly find in your kitchens (from other country), at least not with the same name. This example demonstrates the influence a country’s culture has on language. It is because of such factors that Lithuanian to Arabic translation in Dubai requires more than just a word exchange.

So far, no automated tool can handle cultural nuances. The only way to prevent translation from becoming meaningless or embarrassing is to hire the professional experts of Lithuanian to Arabic legal translation in Dubai at ASLT Group, the Lithuanian legal translation company in Dubai. It will ensure that the professional translators have deep experience with the languages and cultures involved. This is a simple approach that ensures not only accuracy in linguistic aspects, but also clarity and comprehension of the text.

Cultural Incompatibility

  • Contracts: The contract is one of the most culturally complex texts, mainly because it is a document that depends on the legislation of each country. Our professionals of Lithuanian to English translation for this type of material have not only great fluency in the languages involved, but also knowledge of the laws the document deals with. In addition, they also are aware of the specificities of both cultures.

  • Social norms: English is an objective and concise language. For many cultures, these characteristics may sound harsh. In Japan, for example, it is not advisable to address an older person and a child in the same way. There are also different formalities for talking to men and women. So, an idea may need more words to express itself properly.

    Lithuanian language also has this special feature. A phrase like “I love you” needs to be said in different ways by men and women. If the same dialogue is with an older person or someone who is not close to you, the treatment pronouns will be different. Moreover, even the word “love” needs to be carefully analyzed, as it can show everything from friendship to sexual desire.

    The word “love” is unlikely to be found in academic texts or technical papers. But, like this subtlety, languages often have many others that can undermine a professional relationship and even compromise the whole message.

  • Language figures: Baltic culture does not use many language figures. A translator familiar with this aspect can adapt the text, translating ideas more objectively. When encountering figures of language, he must look for stories or expressions that have the same meaning in the target culture, otherwise the meanings may be lost.

When searching for translators and Lithuanian to English translation agencies, give preference to professionals at ASLT Group, a No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai. They have cultural experience and expertise in the Lithuanian to Arabic translation in Dubai, as well as fluency in both languages. If you cannot find people with this profile, choose to hire a competent translator and a translation proofreader at our Lithuanian legal translation company in Dubai with experience in the topic. These precautions can prevent misunderstandings and even the destruction of documents.

For your convenience, we are also providing the approved service of Lithuanian to English translation to various major agencies in UAE such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai Police and RTA (Road and Transport Authority UAE).

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