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Do you have a book, an academic dissertation, a manual, a contract or just a birth certificate for Latin to Arabic translation in Dubai? For each case, there is a suitable type of service of Latin to Arabic legal translation in Dubai at ASLT Group, a No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai.

To help you, let’s list the most common modalities of this market.

Types of Latin to English translation

  • Automatic translation:

    It involves the use of software. It uses a set of algorithms to determine the vocabulary and grammar rules of a language. The problem is that the program does not identify essential aspects such as the context and intentionality of communication.

  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT):

    In this category, a professional translator uses software. Typically, the process involves updating the terms of a translation database and creating a guide, and may include publishing, localization, and post-editing services. This mode is more accurate than simple machine translation.

  • Professional translation:

    It is more accurate, although it is usually slower. To deal with the complex texts, the translators at our Latin legal translation company in Dubai involve throughout the process to ensure accuracy and clarity. When it comes to document translation, at ASLT Group, the best translation company in Dubai, we have also sworn translators to guarantee the seriousness of the document.

  • Deadlines

    The machine translation can take only a few seconds, but the result will not be reliable.

Factors that influence on  work

  • Text format: Will the translator work with a hard copy or an electronic version? Is the translator familiar with the program that supports the file extension?

  • Theme: Does the translator specialize in the field of knowledge or have experience with this type of text? Will he be able to identify meaning problems beyond linguistic errors?

  • Formatting: Does text require special formatting or alignment?

  • Graphic elements: Tables, graphs and figures can make the translation more laborious and time consuming than expected.

  • Language pairs: What is the language of the original version and what language do you intend to translate the text into? Some pairs are harder to translate than others.

What sets the price of Latin to Arabic translation in Dubai?

  • Size: Of course, the amount of text affects the cost of translation. Most agencies calculate the price by word count or page count.

  • Formatting: The translator may charge an additional fee for texts that require special formatting or have very poor formatting.

  • Accuracy and fluency: The higher the level of requirement for text to sound fluent, the higher the cost.

  • Deadline: The shorter the term, the higher the cost.

  • Certification: There are documents that require sworn translation. Since the translator needs to specialize to do this kind of work, he tends to charge additional costs.

Analyze the needs of your project and look for qualified professionals at ASLT Group. The more specialized and experienced the translator, the higher the quality of work. Our translation is approved and accepted all over UAE such as Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Dubai Chamber and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

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