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CSA Research conducted a survey of over 3,000 online consumers across 10 non-English- speaking countries, spanning regions of Asia, South America and Europe. They found that 75% of respondents prefer to purchase products and services presented to them in their native language, while 30% have never consumed anything offered on English sites.

Even in Europe, where much of the population has a basic level of English, there is an expectation that information will always be presented to the consumer in the local language. A survey by the Gallup Institute showed that 88% of respondents believe that websites produced in their countries should offer a local language version. Another 44% stated that they lose interest in the information when it is not available in their native language.

The location of the message

Carrying the same message to consumers around the world involves more than just translating the text, it also involves localization. The Kurdish to English translation experts at ALST Group, a Kurdish legal translation company in Dubai not only offer Kurdish to Arabic translation in Dubai but also material verification. We ensure that the text is culturally compatible with the client’s values and lifestyle. It is a slightly broader process; it needs to be executed with a series of plans. At ASLT Group, the best translation company in Dubai ensure that the message reaches the reader with precision, clarity and appropriateness.

With the economic expansion caused by globalization, the experts of Kurdish to Arabic legal translation in Dubai at ASLT Group, the No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai, have the following scenario:

Machine translation tools have been constantly refined to meet the demand of a less specialized audience. Some people use machine translation only for simpler tasks such as writing emails or reading websites. Even though these features have achieved much higher quality in recent years, they do not guarantee quality translation. The reason is that they work with an algorithm-based word substitution process, disregarding context, target audience, cultural factors, consistency etc.

The consumer is increasingly demanding for the products and services available in the market. When a company provides incoherently or sloppily translated material, the public begins to see the brand negatively, often feeling disrespected by it.

Computer-assisted translations are currently available with the benefit of a faster and cheaper process. It guarantees that quality will be maintained only to a limited extent. Then, the professional translators at our Kurdish legal translation company in Dubai will be responsible for proofreading and adapting the text to the aspects that it is intended for.

The internet has transformed global commerce, influencing changes in the lifestyle of most of the population. This cultural, economic and educational exchange is causing not only companies, but institutions, governments and the population itself to be increasingly charged.

The problem with these changes is the drive to sacrifice process quality for the speed of return. Sometimes the idea of eliminating costs and time is associated with machine translation. But when different translation problems occur, they always search for a reliable Kurdish legal translation company in Dubai such as ASLT Group.

Many large agencies in UAE trust on our service of Kurdish to Arabic translation in Dubai such as Medical Services (DOHMS), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing Dubai (DTCM).

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