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  • +971 43987126

Al Syed is the best Korean to Arabic translation in Dubai. We are a group of professionals working hand in hand to provide the most accurate and proficient legal translation to present it on local and higher authorities. We’ve been working together with a team from the year 2017 to 2019.

Why choose us?

We got the title as the best translation company in Dubai to bring the best solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. For us, you are our boss. It is our core values to satisfy and follow all the instructions given.

The Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates grants us our license for being the ISO certified translation agency in Dubai. Our translators are skillful and professional. We have accomplished numerous legal documents to present in government departments, such as the Korean Embassy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other agencies.

Our Credibility to Offer Korean to Arabic Translation in Dubai

Every year, Dubai is receiving visitors and tourists from Korea. UAE has several Korean expats that are living in the country for some time. These facts open up the importance of Korean to Arabic translation and vice-versa.

We have full certification from trusted companies and government agencies. Out documents are complete and accurate, no more and no less. Our translators are fluent speakers in Dubai, and they have substantial knowledge about the Korean rules and grammar. They work together, not individually but as a team.

We have translators, editors, and proofreaders to ensure well-translated and accurate legal documents. We have full accountability for all of the legal papers given to us. The efforts we put to our works are equal to the projects we are working with to provide the best output.

For the past few years of serving the public, we received 1000+ corporate and government clients from locals and abroad. The number is increasing and continues to improve as we trained our professionals periodically.

Why is it essential to have Korean to Arabic Translation in Dubai?

The language barrier inhibits effective communication between the two cultures. Legal Translation Company in Dubai helps to break miscommunication, especially with legal documents. Most Korean tourists or expats in UAE are not experts in the Arabic language.

When you have legal concerns, you need to look for the best legal translation company in Dubai. Don’t settle for less. Some offer cheap translation, but it might bring a more substantial burden on your part. Look for translation companies providing fair prices for their services. We are one of these groups to deliver the most proficient service without compromising the quality.

What are the other services we offer?

  • Arabic to Korean Translation in Dubai. We are working with multi-cultural workers speaking various languages, including Korean. We bring the best service by curating and scrutinizing our professionals from different parts of the world. Rest assured, you’ll be getting more than your expectations.

  • English to Arabic Translation in Dubai. Although English is the Universal language and often understood by the large group of people, translating it into native will help to understand even than concerns

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