We provide consecutive interpretation services in Dubai to small groups question and answer sessions, presentations, speeches, press conferences, product launches, exhibitions, conference calls, court hearings, arbitration, technical training, tour guide and embassy interviews for which they are suited to be best.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter takes notes as the speaker speaks. The Interpretation is then rendered once the speaker has finished or at various appropriate intervals in the course of the speech. This style of interpretation requires very good memory as well as note taking skills. Unlike Simultaneous Interpretation, no special transmission equipment is needed here.

  • Note taking skills is a major requirement for a good consecutive interpreter.
  • They should also have good memories and listening skills.
  • In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes during a speech and relays it to the participant
  • Once the speaker has paused or at intervals in the course of the speech.

It is different from simultaneous interpretation since the interpreter is usually in the same room as the speaker. Translation in Dubai all services.

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