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As of the year 2019, Indonesians living in Dubai are 100,000, while the working individuals in the UAE are about 52,000. On the other hand, Malaysians are 6,000 in number, and most of them have jobs in professional positions at foreign and local companies. If you are someone who lives or wants to travel in the country, you might be thinking of the availability of Indonesian or Malay to Arabic Translation in Dubai. You’ll have no worries. Al Syed Translation Service can do the job for you.

The Indonesian Community in Dubai

From recent years up to this date, the country is accepting foreign workers from different countries, including Indonesia. That is the reason why this community bloom in several years. Dubai and Indonesia countries have good relationship with each other. However, the needs of legal documents are still essential for local requirement and for specific regulations to follow.

The Malay Community in Dubai

The number of Malay Community is smaller compared to Indonesian. Many of them are working on corporate foreign and local companies. With their population in the country, each one of them needs to submit legal documents in particular agency to complete their registration and fight for their rights.

What is the best translation company in the country?

Al Syed is one of the most popular companies that offer Indonesian or Malay to Arabic translation in Dubai. We served more than 1000 people with their legal documents.

Some of the documents that need legal translations are:

  • Contracts

  • Corporate or government proposals

  • Court transcripts

  • Private agreements

  • Laws

  • Witness statements

  • Regulations

  • Wills and testaments

  • Birth certificates

  • Bank deposits

  • Immigration documents

  • Notarized documents

These legal files are essential for specific legitimate purposes.

Government departments that approved our Indonesian or Malay legal translation:
  • Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS)

    In case of emergencies or sickness, you need to present a document to gain access to hospitals and medications. It is best to organize your files before staying or traveling in the country. Emergencies happen, and if you have translated legal documents in hand, it would be easier for you to carry out on the hospitalization.

  • Dubai School of Government

    If you and your family are living in Dubai for quite some time now, and you need to send your kids to school, this is where legal translation takes place. Choose an Indonesian or Malay to Arabic Translation Company in Dubai, and ask for your letter’s translation to present in Dubai authorities in school.

Al Syed translation service has the approval of UA Courts, Ministries, and Embassies for your legal needs. A trustworthy, and credible company, that’s what you need to get a quality and accurate Indonesian or Malay translation in Dubai. We do our job together as a group to provide excellent translation output. We read and understand the legal papers given to us, translate, edit, and proofread, and another final proofreading to come up with error-free documents.

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