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Al Syed is a translation service company for different languages. We do Hungarian to Arabic Translation in Dubai and vice-versa. We also translate English to Arabic translation based on our client preference. Don’t look anywhere. You finally found the best legal translation company for your files. We are approved and licensed by UA Courts, Ministries, and Embassies. Rest assured, we are professionals who know legal words and statement in the country

Hungarian Community in Dubai

The number of the Hungarian population is little, compared to other communities. However, the expats and workers in Dubai and UAE also need adequate attention. Are you one of them? Do you need someone to work with your legal concern inside the country? Do you need to communicate with higher authorities by sending letters?

You can do both. You can create legal documents in your mother tongue language, and let us do the translation work for you. We are here to assist your concerns. It may be last wills and testaments, marriage certificate, birth certificates, immigration documents, powers of attorney, police interviews, court documents, contracts, complaints, affidavits, and more.

Why is Hungarian to Arabic legal translation so important?

Legal translations are not only what occurs in the court. Yes, it is indeed crucial for court authorities, but translated document has excellent uses in different aspect in your everyday lives. For example, you want to apply courses in the country. Most courses ask for requirements, and you need to translate them before presenting it to the staff.

Another thing that might occur is the application for changing immigrant status. You might have found your partner in the country and need to work on with your requirements before marriage.

Many Hungarian people are not fluent with the Arabic language, and writing legal documents can be challenging. For we know, a small mistake can turn to a fatal problem.

Who accepts our Hungarian to Arabic legal translation?

Many departments give their approval to Al Syed Hungarian legal translation company. Some of these are:

  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

    Some problem occurs, and you might have some complaints about the department. If this happens, you should think about writing your concern professionally. Write your letter in your language, and we will take care of the translations needed.

  • Dubai Government Workshops

    If you need to ask about your concerns and reach out to Dubai Government Workshops about your vehicle maintenance, you need to present professional letters for them to consider.

    Take time to think about the things you need to include in your letter. Give your written documents to us, and we will do our job to provide a quality and accurate translation.

It turns out that Hungarian to Arabic translation in Dubai is not a challenging task anymore. We are here to help you the best way we can. We will provide not only a quality service, but we assure you that we will be giving 101 percent of our team efforts and time. 

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