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German Legal Translation Dubai & Its Growing Significance

It may or may not be surprising to know, but the German population in the UAE has crossed 14,000 making German notarized translation in Dubai a sanctity. Additionally, the UAE is also quite a popular vacation spot for Germans. Therefore, having a high number of Germans in a country that does not speak German, especially in the city of Dubai, will naturally lead to a high demand for German legal translation Dubai.

At the same time, we are constantly improving and updating our system, and regularly training our translators so that we can provide top-grade certified translation services in Dubai at all times. We have been approved by UAE Courts, Ministries, and Embassies, which is a verification of our reliability, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

In addition, we have been providing German official translation in Dubai for a long time to expatriates and vacationers alike. If you are presenting legal or official documents to people in high-ranking posts, executive positions, or legal institutions, it is extremely important that the translation be grammatically, semantically as well as pragmatically correct.

The German Language, and its Relevance to ‘German Translation Dubai

The origin of the German language dates back to the first century when German speakers came under the influence of Roman culture. Interestingly enough, German and English share quite a few phonetics and etymologies. Nevertheless, there are over 90 million German speakers in the world today and it is even studied in many countries as a second or third language or even for German legal translation Dubai.

However, our translators are well-versed in the grammatical nuances of the German language like the four cases – nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative – with strong and weak verbs. Also, they are fully competent to handle the official terminologies used in legal, financial, and executive contexts while doing German certified translation in Dubai.

Our Goal Towards Authorized German Translation in Dubai

Being the number one agency for German accredited translation in Dubai, Al Syed provides top-notch German and Arabic translation in Dubai. Also, the aim of any translator, especially in legal translation, is to keep the translation as word-by-word as possible. However, due to the differences in languages, this may completely change the meaning and context of the sentence. 

Furthermore, this could be quite hectic for immigrants, workers, and even casual vacationers in a foreign country the language of which they do not speak well or at all. Also, these people also have work related to embassies, UAE courts, government departments, and other offices.

Moreover, if they are not completely clear about the laws of the UAE and the rights they have, they might even jeopardize their safety.

Hence, our ultimate goal is to provide accurate Arabic and German legal translation, Dubai to our clients so that they can navigate the legal and official processes quickly and smoothly.

Also, our work is approved by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Embassies, which proves our competence and sets us apart from others.

Above all, we are a German legal translation company that is also known for providing you with the legal documents at a much faster pace than you can get it from anywhere else.

Departments for Legal Translation

  • Ministry of Education

    In conclusion, being the top rated service provider for German legal translation, Dubai, our aim is to ensure that all our clients understand the basic rules and regulations of the essential Government departments they have business with. Therefore, our German to Arabic translators will help translate the legal documents accurately for everyone’s understanding.

  • German Translation in Dubai Can Help Embassies Represent Better

    As a company for German sworn translation in Dubai, it is our duty to ensure that a person is represented well in their respective embassy, which is, after all, the spokesperson that vouches for them to the host government, here, the UAE. Additionally, our job is to break down the language barrier by also providing German English translation in Dubai to make communication smooth and efficient for the welfare of all the parties.

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