Interpreters facilitate communication between persons from different linguistic backgrounds. They use their skills to relay information between the participants German translatorhence acting as a bridge. As leading linguistic service provider, we boast a team of professional German interpreters in Dubai who are pre-screened to meet the high expectations of our international clients. German interpretation requires top level precision and fluency. Dubai has continued to attract from around the globe including Germany hence calling for German interpreters.

We answer the most fundamental questions related to German interpretation services and these are affordability, delivery and consistency. Over the years, we have stood out as a service provider who is reliable and with packages for all types of clients. In Dubai, we offer German translation services for public and private events, conferences, meetings, one-on-one, courts and tourists. We believe that getting access to the best German interpreters in Dubai is the right of every client and the key to their success in Dubai. We match our clients’ needs with the most experienced interpreters in our team to create a personal and long term relationship with our clients.

Over the years, we have proven that we are good in the following forms of interpretations:

Simultaneous German Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is a very common form of interpretation. It is usually preferred to other types of interpretation when it comes to conferences and large meetings in Dubai. Here, the interpreters usually occupy a separate soundproof room from the speaker who speaks a different language. The speech is then transmitted via a microphone. Interpreters usually listen and speaks almost simultaneously to the delegates who received the interpretation via a headset. We train our German interpreters in Dubai on good listening skills and they boast good memory which is a key aspect of interpretation. To conform to the internationally recommended standards, we provide at least two German interpreters who each translate for about 30 minutes a session.

Consecutive Interpreting: Another service we provide is consecutive interpreting. It is suitable for small events and groups such as press conferences, presentations, interviews and court hearings. Note taking skills is a major requirement for a good German consecutive interpreter in Dubai. They should also have good memories and listening skills. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes during a speech and relays it to the participant once the speaker has paused or at intervals in the course of the speech. It is different from simultaneous interpretation since the interpreter is usually in the same room as the speaker.

Community/Liaison Interpreting: Liaison interpreting is also used for small groups. It involves relaying the interpretation to the participant at intervals, but unlike consecutive interpretation, the interpreter interprets a sentence after another while the speaker utter short sentences. It allows more time to the interpreter, who should not make mistakes or omissions. To minimize noise and disruptions, the interpreter sits next to the participant.

Whispering/Chuchotage Interpreting: During whispering Interpretation, the interpreter whispers to one or two people who don’t understand the source language. German interpreters in Dubai who provide this services are required to keep noise level at minimum and keep up with the speaker at the same time. Participant sit very close to the speaker and it works best in one-on-one dialogue, social events, tours and walking visits.

We recommend German translation services to German speaking investors, tourists and others who want to easily feel at home and remove communication barriers while in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. ASLT ( Translation in Dubai ) offers all type of Services including translation, interpretation, transcription and sub titling etc.

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