AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION (ASLT) is one of the best legal translation companies in Dubai, now providing doorstep legal translation services in Dubai due to global outbreak of COVID-19. We recently rolled-out the world’s first purpose-built mobile offices for instant legal translation services, because health and safety of humanity is our priority. Our legal translators will visit your location in one of our state-of-the-art portable offices, instantaneously providing you with legal translation at your doorstep. 

Introducing the World’s First Doorstep Legal Translation office in Dubai!

Doorstep Mobile Office - Legal Translation in Dubai

No more challenges to get legal translation at your doorstep! We come to you and provide the service directly. 

By choosing ASLT for your legal translation, you are:

– Saving time on traffic
– No taxi charges 
– No Toll Fee
– No parking hassles 
– Original documents are always safe in your hands 
– Quality Services 
– 100% peace and comfort 

Apart from the Ministry of Justice, legal translation is widely required for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Land Department, Free Zones, and other embassies in the UAE among various other governmental, semi-governmental, and private sectors. ISO Certified 9001:2015, ASLT has been providing translation & interpretation services since 2007.

We also provide interpreting services for events, conferences, and trade shows.

Our subtitling services provide everything you need to communicate with your international audience and to those with hearing difficulties.

We also provide voice-over and dubbing services where our professional mother-tongue voice-over artists enable you to relay the style, tone, and message of your script to an international audience.

ASLT is recognized as one of the best service providers in the field of transcriptions of all types of audio & video content such as DVDs, videotapes, webcasts, podcasts, and streaming media.

In addition, we offer transcript synchronization and captioning as well.

Even better – We provide all these services in English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Croatian, and more than 200+ other language pairs.

Our prime focus is to serve you better and more quickly than ever before, adding mobile offices to achieve our goal of providing quality and timely services to our customers.

Kindly contact our main helpline number or your closest branch today and let us help you with our services!

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