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Looking for a translation company in Dubai that would efficiently translate your documents from Czech to Arabic and English in Dubai and Arabic into Czech and English? Then, connect with us for linguistically flawless and semantically authentic translations.

Al Syed legal Translation is no. 1 legal translation company in Dubai that provides flexible language solutions that not only are data-driven but also technology-enabled to streamline and accelerate the global businesses as well as help individuals in translating domestic documents.

Our company has been joining hands with business people to render their messages in a different language so that they could expand their outreach, attract customer attention, engage with the audience, drive more traffic, and ultimately raise their revenues.

Professional Czech Legal Translation in Dubai

Our company specializes in legal translations. We can translate a wide range of legal documents, such as pleadings and judicial orders, power of attorneys, court judgments, agreements and reports, memoranda of association, licenses and permits, sales contracts, trademarks and copyrights, service terms, certificates, and affidavits, etc.

At Al Syed legal Translation, your words are in human hands from start to end as we do not use automated translation tools. Our translators have years of experience and extensive knowledge of both their source and target languages.

We have worked with a lot of leading companies and noble individuals across the globe. Our clients trust us as we prioritize our relationships with clients above everything and provide them with services according to their needs.

Our clients

Al Syed legal Translation provides services to individuals and companies from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our clients include;

  • Legal Firms

  • Banking & Finance institutions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies

  • Airlines & Aviation Companies

  • Travel & Tourism Companies

  • Academic and Educational Organizations

  • Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure Clubs

  • Fitness & Sports Centers

  • Public Relations Agencies

  • Management Consultants & Training Outfits

  • Healthcare Centres

  • Engineering Companies (Electric, Mechanical & Chemical)

  • Real Estate & Construction Companies

Why Need certified and approved Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

Legal translation is the translation that has been formally verified for use for official purposes.

As we know that written language that is used in Dubai is Arabic and documents that require certified translation services such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates, official transcripts such as high school certificates, university degrees and vocational training certificates, regulatory documents such as informed consents, protocols, research data forms, patents, case report forms and many others that have to be submitted to;

  • Dubai Immigration and Naturalization Department

  • Court of First Instance

  • Civil Court

  • Criminal Court

  • Court of Appeal

  • Dubai Chamber

  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs (LRA)

  • Ministry of Education

And any other department and bodies of Dubai and UAE have to be in Arabic language.

Also, translating your documents will give you the freedom to use them whenever they are required, and also in litigation cases, it can make your case stronger.

So, get your documents translated legally from Czech to Arabic and English in Dubai from Al Syed legal Translation as we are approved by UAE courts, ministries and embassies.

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