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Dubai has more than 500 Croatian community. Even the number is small compared to other nationalities, it still brings impact to the nation’s economy, especially that most of these expats are workers in the country. With that, the importance of Croatian to Arabic translation in Dubai for your legal documents to present in legal authorities are on the rise.

A lot of Croatians are looking for the best legal translation company in Dubai nowadays. We are one of the translation services with the approval of UAE Courts, Ministries, and Embassies. Helping communities to break language barriers is one of our concerns.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Croatian legal translation company, Al Syed brings you peace of mind as you hand us over your document for translation.

Why do you need a native Arabic speaker for your translations?

Why do you need a native Arabic speaker? That is to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the document.

It’s easy to create a mistake if you are not familiar with the native way of speaking in Dubai. We are also proficient with grammar syntax, colloquial, and other Arabic language rules.

A similar word might sound the same but shows a different meaning. That could lead to a severe problem when presented to government agencies and departments. The best way to find reliable translation services is looking through the staff and translator. If more native speakers are in there, rest assured, you found the right place.

Why is Croatian translation vital if it only comprises small community in Dubai?

A particular department is looking for a well-written and well-translated document. It also means life or death to other people, especially when it is for the court judgment. A small mistake can lead to heavy – or should I say, permanent – damage to a person.

Al Syed legal translation company is aware of this responsibility, and our team is working best to provide accurate, valuable, and legal terms for your papers.

Where does Croatian to Translation in Dubai apply?

  • Dubai Immigration and Naturalisation Department

    Legal document for immigration is essential to process your permits, visas, and naturalisation if you are planning to live in Dubai as a resident or expats. Translated files could help you to break the language barrier between two cultures. If you have the document to present in Dubai Immigration and Naturalisation Department, make sure to get it checked first before giving it to authorities.

  • Dubai Culture

    Being an expat means you need to learn about Dubai’s culture and heritage. If you want to learn more about the country, Al Syed is also offering Arabic to Croatian translation for your better understanding and live a better life in Dubai.

These are the departments that approved Al Syed Legal Translation Services to bring satisfaction and accurate Croatian to Arabic Translation to the Croatian communities.

Al Syed is the number one legal translation company you reach for in terms of any type of legal document. Work with us, and we’ll sort it out!

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