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Living in Dubai, UAE? Looking to explore your career in Canada, Czech, UK and USA? Have you been asked to get your documents translated as part of your application process? No worries! We are your translation partner!

Certified Translation for Canada, Czech, UK and USA

Why is Certified Translation very important when you are applying to Canada, Czech UK and USA?

If you have a plan to relocate to the countries like Canada, Czech, UK and USA for sustainable growth and career or willing to study abroad in prestigious universities in Canada, Czech, UK and USA, you definitely need to go through multiple steps and procedures. One of the most important steps that will come on your way, is to get the translation of your legal documents into the language of the country, you are applying to.

There are many types of documents that could be required by the authorities to be translated by a certified legal translation agency in Dubai approved by Canada, Czech, UK and USA.

Official Translation for Czech Embassy:

 We have seen a huge number of outflows of the students in the Republic of Czech since their reforms to benefit the overseas students with their education system and for brightening their country with educational exposures. In this perspective, scores of students have contacted Al Syed Legal Translation in the past, for the purpose of getting different types of documents.

Documents you need to apply for visa for Czech Embassy:

  • Police Clearance Certificate (Home Country and the country through which you are applying)
  • Educational certificates/diplomas/degrees

Certified translation for Canada, Czech, UK and USA is available for following document:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Notarial deed
  • Criminal record
  • Contract
  • Driving license or IMTI declaration
  • Divorce document
  • Medical document
  • Financial report
  • Other types of documents

Certified translation for Embassy is essentially to be done by an Embassy approved legal translator, which will validate the authentication of documents by the Embassy. These legal translations can then be used in the country of this embassy. Following the attestation by Embassy, legal translated documents become viable for attestation in relevant ministry and ultimately become valid in the local government system.

We at AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION are officially approved to offer certified translation for embassy. Our translated documents are acceptable by all embassies in Dubai.

In order to get from these benefits, we have sworn translators to certify the certified translation for embassy, so, the documents are accepted directly. For this, simply show the destination country in the request: afterward, our professional sworn translators translate and certify the documents locally, as soon as possible.

 Are you looking to get official translation for Canada, Czech? Call us today at AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION.

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