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Al Syed Legal Translation Service is now offering Bulgarian to Arabic translation in Dubai. We serve people for over 12 years. Our service comprises 200+ languages, together with our translators working on their specializations. We have the approval of UAE Courts, Ministries, and Embassies, which is one of a few companies that was allowed to conduct legal services in the country.

Around 7,000 Bulgarians are living in UAE and Dubai. Most of them are expats and workers in particular companies. The demand for legal translation is high since the number of Bulgarian expats are also increasing every year.

What is the importance of Bulgarian to Arabic legal translation?

  • To use for Roads and Transport Authority Dubai (RTA) department

    In case you have a terrible encounter with public transports, such as Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, Dubai Ferry, Dubai Taxis, and Dubai Bus, you can contact or send complaint to the respective department to address your concerns. You can either contact them directly on their hotline or send a letter to the authorities.

    Before you send a document, make sure your details are accurate, including the vehicle’s plate number and the driver’s name, if possible.

  • To use for Dubai Lands Department

    Even you are pure Bulgarian, but living in Dubai for several years as an expat, you can purchase lands or leasehold properties in the country. For you to have a successful offer, you need to present legal documents for this department.

    They will be the ones to scrutinize if you meet all the requirements to buy properties in Dubai. Nevertheless, legal documents are essential to let authorities consider your request.

  • To use for Dubai Municipality Department

    If you have some local complaints, the Dubai Municipality authorities take action. They are responsible for keeping the locals and expats’ safety. Make sure you put all the critical information in a single file. Ask a Bulgarian legal translation company to translate your papers into Arabic language.

More legal translation companies are appearing in Dubai and UAE. What are the things you have to consider before hiring a translator?

Legal translation requires care before presenting the final output. It might mean life and death to others. We are aware of the responsibility we need to take over to ensure accurate documents. Here are the things you should look for before hiring legal translation companies:

  • Legitimate companies with specialization.

    Al Syed Legal translation service has specific specialization even we offer variety of services available in our company. Our professionals are More legal translation companies that are appearing in translating documents, including the legal terms used in different departments.

  • Trustworthy company.

    You should look for the length of the company’s service and the clients’ feedback. The number of clients is also an indication of its credibility. Our company conducted 1000+ translation services for over 12 years. These people relied on us even up to this present.

  • Great customer support.

    Of course, the client needs to clarify things to translators before starting the work. Our team is an excellent communicator for all customers coming to us, and you are not an exception.

Let us handle your legal documents from Bulgarian to Arabic translation in Dubai to bring your stay in this country with convenience and peace of mind. 

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