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The price of Bengali (Bangladeshi) to Arabic translation in Dubai can vary from one company to another one, with the degree of difficulty with the language and with the delivery time.

In general, however, the amount of the translation is based on the word-counts in addition to the other variables weigh. Typically, technical, legal, and scientific texts, which require a greater effort for more precise terminology, weigh more heavily on the Bengali to English translation in Dubai budget.

Sworn translation, on the other hand, has its price specified by the Board of Trade, since the law mandates the table in this case. The ASLT Group, a Bengali (Bangladeshi) legal translation company in Dubai points out the urgent translations with an agreed urgency rate between the parties if required.

Differences make Translation values

It must be understood that the service of Arabic into Bengali (Bangladeshi) language and English translation rarely involves just receiving a document in a language and delivering it in other, so generally, the prices of Bengali (Bangladeshi) to Arabic translation in Dubai is specified by the translation market itself.

However, as the quality of the work performed by the translators themselves can vary greatly, it is possible to find quite different values, discounts and even promotions, such as for jobs above a certain number of pages, for example.

Know the history of the translation company and its market performance

There are Bengali (Bangladeshi) to English translation jobs at all quality and complexity levels and it is not possible to determine beforehand whether the translation work will be done just because the budget is more expensive than the other.

Ideally, when choosing a translation company , you should try to find references of your performance in the market, know your client portfolio, the various areas in which it operates, find out about the composition of the team and take a look at its portfolio.

Price must be set taking into account the variants of every type of work

In relation to the other types of translation, there’re more than a few variables, such as in the category of conference interpretation, whose values vary in accordance with the modality (real-time, consecutive or external follow-up), the location in Dubai, journey time and translators.

Remember that the values set by the market refer to the translation service provided in English. Other languages are considered uncommon and should be negotiated separately. There are also references to values for translation in pounds and multimedia, also with several variables.

The services of Bengali (Bangladeshi) to Arabic translation in Dubai

The ASLT Group, a No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai has among its services, sworn translation, technical translation or simple translation. That’s why, ASLT Group, the best translation company in Dubai, is the most respected and largest Bengali (Bangladeshi) legal translation company in Dubai in Dubai.

Our translations are also approved by UAE Courts, Ministries and Embassies to present in any important office such as UAE courts, embassies, government offices etc.

Currently, we are offering translation services to many big clients such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai Police and RTA (Road and Transport Authority UAE). It shows the authority of our services.

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