Attestation is a growing demand of all parts of life. Whether you are a qualified student, business owner, family member, professionalize or a foreign expatriate, attestation will always be a key to your success. You may be looking up a high-profile job, signing an agreement with other parties, giving a power of attorney to your most trust-able companion, migrating to other foreign countries, preparing for your children admission in schools, wills to your dearest ones, planning to bring your family abroad, giving authorizations while you are out of country etc, attestations/notarization finds all your ways out to resolve all these issues and any other legal resolutions for the implementation of your documentation procedure. 


Rest assured, If you have any other sorts of documents and you are confused to resolve your official procedures due to the lack of information, ASLT will be pleased to assist you anytime under the guidelines of our innovative staff. ASLT truly honors to represent its services in assisting you with all the above procedures for all varieties of attestation and get you out of such complications without any hindrances or obstacles.

Attestation from Pakistan

This forum is especially designed to assist the people of Pakistan all across the world. No matter , you are based in USA, UK , Canada or any other country , we will be right there at the time you need a reliable partner to fulfill all of your requirements and will right back to you with full commitment and completion of your given task to us. When you bring your documents from your own country to another country where you are supposed to do business or job , your documents shall need to be attested for the sake of its validation in the foreign country.

Best attestation services

ASLT provides best attestation services worldwide. Our professional attestation services is a sigh of great relief to your much complex official requirements.
We help you not to travel to get such legalities back from your country and waste a lot of time and money.Our best attestation rates will convince you to get our services at professional level.

On-time attestation services

On-time attestation is a need of hour while you are in the loop of professional career and your job is at a high-level stake and you have got few days deadline to get your degree attested for the purpose of obtaining government visa. ASLT is the best choice for attestation for on-time execution of your official procedures
back in the country or within the territory you are staying in.

Secure and safe attestation

 Your documents attestation safety is our top priority. Our representatives make sure that your documents won’t lost anywhere and will be kept extremely confidential.

ASLT provides following types of attestation services:

Attestation of Marriage Certificates

Attestation of School Certificates 
Attestation of Degree Certificates 
Attestation of Birth Certificates
Attestation of Death Certificates
Attestation of Single Status Certificates
Attestation of Driving Licenses 
Attestation of Memorandum & Articles of Association
Attestation of Power of Attorneys 
Attestation of Letters of authorization
Attestation of Agreements 
Attestation of Educational Certificates 
Attestation of Affidavit

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