Al Syed Legal Translation (ASLT) – provides doorstep services (COVID-19)

The one-stop translation mobile service (Save 3 to 6 Hours)

When you are unable to visit a legal translation company by your own to get a certified official translation, our mobile-office services are there to help you. ASLT Legal Translators in Dubai – UAE now offers you doorstep services through its state-of-the-art and purpose-built mobile-office specifically designed to provide accredited translation services to their customers at their doorstep. Al Syed Legal Translation launches this service to support its customers in order to contribute in their efforts to stay home during the unprecedented times such as COVID-19 which affected millions of life. Customers can now simply get their legal translation at the comfort of their home under the smart initiative “Legal Translation At Your Doorstep” by which You will receive translation services at your doorstep. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)
The “Legal Translation At Your Doorstep” can be tracked through mobile application by using “map” option. You can now see real-time location of our vehicle going to your selected location. In-addition, you can also have a chat conversation with our legal translator for effective coordination Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

What we offer How does “Legal Translation At Your Doorstep” work by using Dubai’s best translation services at your fingertip?

Just visit the Play Store or App Store and download the app in the name of (ASLT – Legal Translation App) today to receive benefit from our advanced facility. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)
The process of receiving services is quite simple. Customers have to download our smartphone application called ASLT-Legal Translation app and book their required services. When the appointment for meeting is approved, you will be able to see our mobile office via our integrated maps in real-time tracking. As soon as our legal translator arrives at your place, he will begin the work process of your documents and will make sure to complete the legal translation within a fraction of time. The Legal Translator shall leave the premises after handing over you the final certified translation. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Why should you use “Legal Translation Service At Your Doorstep?”

ASLT-Legal Translation app is safe and convenient to use. Our legal translation services at doorstep is introduced to the smart people in this smart city Dubai, They choose our services for many reasons among the following. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

  • Stay Safe , Stay Home.
  • Save At Least 3-6 Hours To Get the Service Done
  • No Cab Charges
  • No Parking Hassles
  • Save Time on Commute.
  • Original Documents Always In your Hands
  • 100% Quality and Efficiency
  • Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

A hub for translation services! Superlative translation services:

Our panels of professional translators work very hard with a great passion and provide you with excellent translation services in many language pairs. All our translators are certified, with years of experience and well-equipped with greatest skills in order to help you complete translations in the following fields of specializations. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Legal translation- Agreements/contracts, court cases, memos, degrees/certificates, articles.
Technical translation- System requirements, technical manuals, user guides, and much more.
Driving license translation
Medical translation
Commercial translation- Press releases, marketing materials, reports, letters, management and accounting documents, magazine articles, and much more.
Advertising translation- promotional materials, newspaper ads, texts, leaflets, direct marketing, catalogs, brochures, blogs, and much more.
Website translation- localization of businesses.
Doorstep legal translation- COVID-19 and documents of all types.

Interpretation Experts

ASLT Legal Translation provides you with a suitable explanation for trade shows, conferences, and different events. We interpret languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and many others. Moreover, interpreters have a high level of language processing ability and are multilingual speakers. Individuals at ASLT are well-versed with these essential skills. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

  • We provide Consecutive Interpretation Services to trivial Q and A sessions, speeches, presentations, press conferences, exhibitions, product launches, embassy interviews, and technical training.
  • Whispering Interpretation Services for one-on-one meetings, tours, walking visits, and more.
  • For individuals and small groups, we have Liaison Interpretation Services such as judicial, conference/events, escort, medical interpretation, or public sector.
  • In Dubai, live events, workshops, forums, press releases, summits, and other events use our Simultaneous Interpretation Service.

Simultaneous Interpretation Service in Dubai is available at live events, seminars, workshops, forums, conferences, press releases, summits, and other platforms. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)


Legal Transcription Services are diverse in fields such as domestic conveyance, medical negligence, social housing, personal inquiry, and children or local authority, etc.

Use our Video Transcription Services, where all video and audio content is available with captions. This service is available on DVDs, tapes, webcasts, streaming media, podcasts, etc.

Audio Transcription Services of formats is available in various forms such as au, mp3, or non-digital formats such as microcassettes, VHS, standard tapes. We transcribe business meetings, interviews, seminars, podcasts, radio shows, etc. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Why Choose Us? Over 100+ Language Pairs

Here, at ASLT, we proudly deal with various customers in a friendly environment with different nationalities and speak different languages. Our primary aim is to accommodate every customer. We strive to provide the best translator services with our professional translators who are well-versed in diverse languages. The quality of our translation services will match your preference. Whenever you need something translated to a foreign language or your mother tongue, our professional team have you covered. Our translation services are just a click away-simply download our app (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Providing Quality Services across the country

It is annoying and confusing to select any service in the globalized world today. Services such as translation, are no different and can be hectic. These require reliability and certified individuals working in the region. With all these options at the end of the potential buyer, experiences in the field are also essential. For translation services, we are here to help you out. Providing these services in the UAE makes ASLT a well-reasoned choice as far as translation services are concerned. We ensure impeccable quality. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Affordable rates

With the best quality in translation, our services stand out because we aim for affordable costs for most of our customers, if not all. ASLT services are currently available throughout the United Arab Emirates, and that too at competitive rates with free delivery and pick up at your doorstep. There are no hidden charges. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Our dedicated team of professional translators

ASLT is the main hub for translation services in the UAE. With a large number of translation projects executive in various language pairs, we complete a large number of specialized projects that require only the best translators in this field. The professionalism of the core team is a part of our core values. The translators understand and promote terminologies effectively to counsel clients. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Privacy Policy

Our translators are certified for translation of all kinds of legal documents. Your documents are kept private and confidential during and after the service is delivered. We assure you that we will keep your documents fully confidential whether it is a protected or non-protected content but we remain committed to keep the content confidential under the privacy laws of UAE and across the world. This is wy, ASLT is a trusted platform where we ensure the privacy of documents. Through this platform, we make possible the completion of the task at your doorstep. This hectic procedure is now made convenient by our friendly employees who are one click away. We truly care about the privacy of your legal document or “Protected Material” and also make sure that you achieve your goal of legal translation in your comfort zone. Our employees will have access to “Protected Material” to translate. We will fully ensure that our employees shall comply with the privacy policy. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)

Terms and Condition

Al Syed Legal translation company is obliged to provide high quality, fast, discounted and efficient services. Our devoted translators will deal with customers’ requests for execution of legal translation within a fraction of time or in real-time. This Terms and Conditions clause confirms our acceptance and obligations towards all the terms and conditions of our customers (Individual, Businesses, Government Entities) in respect of privacy and confidentiality. Al Syed Legal Translation provides the service in compliance with the commercial services laws. Therefore, all the services delivered to the customers will be in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and international trade principles. Download Our App (ASLT – Legal Translation App)