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Many clients are unaware, but the value that the Albanian to English translation company sets not only pays for the work of a translator. Costs refer to a complex process to ensure project quality and efficiency. To achieve a good result, the professionals at ASLT Group, the Albanian legal translation company in Dubai, work collaboratively during the different stages of translation.

The project manager for Albanian to Arabic translation in Dubai

The project manager is responsible for the clients of a translation agency. He discovers what the customer needs and manages all sectors of the business so they can work toward the same goals. It is the face that represents the company. Therefore, he has to be aware of all the limitations, problems, deadlines and expectations that may occur during the process, from price quotation to delivery of the finished Albanian to English translation.

The project manager works in conjunction with the translators. While he cares about the client, the translators are responsible for the technical part, that is, they analyze the resources needed for each Albanian to Arabic legal translation in Dubai. It is responsible for pricing the project, checking the original document and the resources that will be used and setting the time required for each job.

The process of Arabic into Albanian language and English translation

After initial contact with the customer, budget and deadline are established. From now on, the project manager at ASLT Group, a No. 1 legal translation company in Dubai, organizes the responsible team of translators, editors and other specialists.

The translators at our Albanian legal translation company in Dubai work with the original text, performing the first part of the process. Your job is to ensure the consistency and naturalness of the text in the language determined by the client. It is not just about replacing vocabulary, the professional translator transposes ideas as appropriately as possible, considering the context of communication and the culture on which the language is based.

The next step of the work is up to the reviewers. They check for text accuracy, grammar, cohesion and coherence rules, style and standardization.

Lastly, the editors come into play. Their role is to analyze the text from the reader’s point of view, that is, at that moment; they consider the target audience and create resources to make the text clearer and more attractive.

Summing up

As you can see, the process of Arabic into Albanian language and English translation is not as simple as it sounds at ASLT Group, the best translation company in Dubai.

Therefore, consider our Albanian to Arabic translation in Dubai as an essential aspect to guarantee the quality of the text whenever you hire a translation service. We are also ready to work with very short deadlines, but we cannot compromise the outcome of your project.

It is our pride to offer approved Albanian to Arabic legal translation in Dubai to many organizations in UAE Courts such as Criminal Court, Sharia Court, Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation. Our translated documents can be submitted to any government agency, embassy or UAE court.

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